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Here at She is Love, we are passionate about planet earth. We enjoy exploring all that it has to offer, the people and communities which it sustains, and discovering the mysteries it contains. As a result, we know we have to do our part to take care of it. It is important that you know how, as a business, we preserve the planet we live on, and the goals we have in the future.

Currently we are:

- All shipping materials are repurposed. From the boxes and bubble mailers to the stuffing and wrap, we reuse everything! Not buying new also saves on expenses, too.

- In our office we do not use disposables. We use traditional dishes and wash them.

- We print on a black and white, double-sided printer.

- We keep scratch paper and use the blank sides for notes and projects.

- We compost! All of our coffee grounds get composted in our backyard compost bin, and we only purchase compostable cups for sampling at events. Those cups go home with us to our compost bin or dropped off at the community site.

- We do our best to decline extra packaging and bags when purchasing supplies for the business. 

- At events we give customers the choice to have their purchase bagged in a recycled kraft paper bag, or to carry their goods in their own bag.

In the near future we hope to:

- Offer you a paper-free option at check out so you can decline things like business cards, product information, and a paper shipping invoice in your shipment.

In the distant future we hope to:

- Find more environmentally-friendly options for branding and marketing. As a business we still need to use paper and plastic-based items to promote our brand with business cards and information. We would love to use other options, but some of them are simply too expensive for us as a new small business.

We welcome any and all feedback on ways we could improve our environmental footprint. You may email us suggestions at

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