Pink Himalayan Soaking Salts

Pink Himalayan Soaking Salts


Giant Pink Himalayan salt crystals are gently infused with lavender, geranium, and tuberose essential oils to create a warm, soft soaking experience. Scent from the essential oils is very subtle and soothing; not over powering. 


Tip: If the entire crystal does not dissolve in the bath, remove it, and allow to dry completely on a soap deck with drainage.  Remove with caution as partially dissolved crystals may be sharp! Return to glass jar for future use. Be sure to reuse, repurpose, or recycle the beautiful glass jar when finished.


Proudly sourced from Benjamin Soap Company in Austin, Texas, a company committed to sustainability and eco-friendly alternatives. A woman-owned small batch soap company. Made in a home powered by green energy!


LIMITED INVENTORY! More coming soon!


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