Nicaraguan Milk Chocolate Bar

Nicaraguan Milk Chocolate Bar


Milk Chocolate

With flavor similar to delicious chocolate pudding with a big dollop of cream, this tender-melting, dark milk chocolate evokes childhood memories. Your adventure of the palate starts with an aroma of hot chocolate and milk with sweet whipped cream. Next, notes of chocolate toffee, with subtle hints of butter biscuit and raisins, giving a mild and multi-layered cacao finale. The creamy chocolate pudding character lingers long after the last piece is gone.

Fragrance notes: cream, milk, creamy chocolate pudding

 Taste notes: hot chocolate with milk, sweet cream, accents of cacao, chocolate toffee, caramel, butter biscuit, hints of raisin, and a finish of chocolate pudding and cream

 "The best milk chocolate in the world" was the verdict by renowned chocolate tester Georg Bernardini. "Zotter achieves first place in the milk chocolate category with this very balanced chocolate, which isn’t sweet but also not too bitter and presents with a fabulous melt. A veritable masterpiece."


Made in Austria following World Fair Trade Organization principles.


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