Zotter Chocolate

Zotter Chocolate

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A "new" fair trade chocolate to excite your taste buds. So much more than just a chocolate bar; it is a complete dessert experience!


Current Flavor Offerings:

With Love: Dark coconut couverture with raspberry coconut filling

Heavenly Delight: Milk chocolate filled with butter caramel cream, cramel crisps, and almond praline

Tiramisu: Milk chocolate filled with mascarpone ganache and coffee ganache with rum - contains trace amounts of alcohol

Espresso Macchiato: 70% dark chocolate filled with coffee cream

Marzipan Angel: Milk chocolate filled with almond praline and marzipan

Bouquet of Flowers: Almond nougat with rose petals & cashew nougat with flowers


Chocolate, like red wine, must be at room temperature to develop a full aroma. In order to taste the entire flavor spectrum of our hand-scooped chocolates, we dark chocolate at 77 °F, milk chocolate at 72 °F and suggest that you delight in white chocolate 68 °F.

Zotter counts among the best and most innovative chocolate producers in the world.

All our chocolate are made from bean to bar at our in-house factory in Austria. Our entire business is Fair Trade verified. We are a member of the WFTO – the World Fair Trade Organization, the umbrella organization for fair trade, which oversees the compliance of the 10 official fair trade principles like fair prices, transparency, care for the environment and the rejection of child labor, among others. We care for the environment and we are one of the most sustainable companies in Austria.

Zotter chocolates – because we love flavor as much as our planet!



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