Eco Flour Sack Bags

Eco Flour Sack Bags


The Eco Flour Sack Bags are great alternatives to traditional produce and gift bags! They are made from repurposed flour sacks by the women of Global Mamas in Ghana. The Mamas - as they are known-have batiked over this cotton fabric to bring you a great zero waste, plastic-free alternative! When you purchase these bags you are supporting a circular economy and helping keep usable materials out of landfills. You also support woman in Ghana provide for their families with valuable things like property and housing, food, and higher education for their children - which is rare in Ghana.

Available in two sizes:

Small: 9.75" x 8" (in the photo above, the small holds 1 bag of coffee with room to spare)

Large: 15"x10" (in the photo above, the large holds 4 bags of coffee)

Five colors: blue, red, yellow, purple, green. Selection based on availability.


Tip: build your own care bag! Pick from any of our products and we will load it up and send it to your recipient! 


About Global Mamas: This women-owned, non-profit organization is based in both Ghana and Minneapolis, Minnesota, with employees throughout Ghana and the United States. It was founded in 2003 by 6 Ghanian women with the support of 2 women from North America. They are proud members of the Fair Trade Federation and World Fair Trade Organization. They focus on empowering women and artisans in Ghana through sustainable income and practices that will support them and their communities for generations.


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