One of my goals with this page is honesty and transparency. With that said, I only support and promote brands that have a huge component of social responsibility. I actually have a mental hierarchy of how I choose who to support. Here is the top of that hierarchy: Fair trade members/certifications, Benefit Corporations (B Corps), local brick-and-mortars and pop-ups, environmentally responsible, and social mission/social enterprise. The first two consist of businesses that have spent countless hours and funds getting certifications that show the world how they treat people in their supply chains (from plant and farmer through to your home) and the environment. They are fully transparent organizations that pay all individuals fairly and treat them and their communities with the utmost respect. This amount of dedication is what puts them at the top in my book. Feel free to message me or view my Instagram profiles if you want to more information.

Brands I Represent
These are brands that I believe in so much, that I have partnered with them. Please note, that by clicking these links I may earn royalties in the form of products or payments. Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about the important work these groups are doing!

Fair Anita

Fair Anita is a jewelry company started by a young woman named Joy, with a mission to empower women around the world in difficult situations by giving them jobs that offer reliable opportunities and a living wage to support themselves, their families, and their communities. Fair Anita is based in St. Paul, Minnesota, and is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation, in addition to many other social enterprise and fair trade organizations. If I am wearing jewelry in a picture, chances are that it is from Fair Anita. The women that work with this organization are some of my most amazing friends! Tip: their jewelry arrives in organic cotton muslin bags that is food-grade. Save them and use them for when you need coffee on the go with Twin Engine Coffee's Traveler mini ground coffee!


Beautycounter is a skin care company fighting to get harmful chemicals out of the products we use on our skin. They are also a B Corp. They are extremely active in Washington D.C., fighting to get new laws passed regulating chemicals in the cosmetics industry. The last time the United State passed a law regulating these chemicals was 1938! The industry has changed drastically since then and more and worse chemicals are being created and ending up in our water supply, and our bodies as a result. Beautycounter advocates for change and radical transparency. Beautycounter products are available in their stores, online, or through educational consultants across the country. 

Brands I Work With

These are brands that you will find in the shop. These are brands I have been using personally for quite some time. Many people that work with these brands have also become my friends. More brands will be added as my shop continues to grow.

Twin Engine Coffee - based in Leon, Nicaragua

Global Mamas - based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Ghana

Soul Flower - based in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Serrv International - based in Madison, Wisconsin

Brands I Support

This could be a HUGE list, so it's not quite ready yet...stay tuned!



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