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Why Fair Trade?

We proudly support the fair trade movement because it promotes a higher level of humanity and respect for the human condition around the globe, as well as environmental stewardship. We look forward to one day officially joining the Fair Trade Federation to show our commitment to this important movement.

What is fair trade?

According to the Fair Trade Federation, fair trade is "an approach to business and to development based on dialogue, transparency, and respect that seeks to create greater equity in the international trading system." It encompasses 9 principles to guide businesses and consumers around the treatment of artisans and environment, as well as how the business should operate. 

How we support the movement:

We work with various fair trade groups to bring you their products. We try to have a close working relationship with all of the groups we partner with, but the full extent of the relationship will vary. For example, we have a direct, working relationship with Twin Engine Coffee in Nicaragua, and support them with various efforts in the United States. Whereas with Global Mamas, we are passionate


Source: Fair Trade Federation

about their brand and have a close relationship with them, but we do not support them in any other capacity. We do more than just work with fair trade; we also live the values everyday. Many of the brands we work with, we supported long before She is Love started. People that work in the community are our friends and colleagues every single day. We live the values of respect for the human condition and equity for all. We have these brands and products in our homes. Fair trade is much more than just a job and field we work in; it is simply a way of life.

For more information, we recommend you visit these websites:

Fair Trade Federation

The governing body for fair trade in North America

World Fair Trade Organization

The global governing body

Did you know that not all fair trade certifications are created equal?

Visit the Fair World Project to learn more about the various fair trade labels that can be found in the grocery store and around the world.

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