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How to support us while we're on hiatus...

If you would like to support us while we're hiking, healing, and regrouping the shop, please visit, shop, or donate to the groups and pages below.


Twin Engine Coffee: We would love it if you would purchase coffee and gifts directly thru the Twin Engine Coffee website while we are away. The team in Nicaragua is the sole reason this page and business exists. These are our friends and people we consider family. We hope to one day be back simply to help get their coffee and gifts into the cups and hands of more individuals.

Emily's BeautyCounter: If you've had the joy of meeting Emily, you know she's a bit of a sustainability nut. She hates chemicals and artificial stuff. Some of that is for health reasons, and some of it is due to the harm to our bodies and the planet. She may not be the most extemely healthy and devout person you will meet, but she tries her best. It's about balance, right? She loves how BeautyCounter products are gentle and safe for her sensitive skin and how the organization is actively involved in getting the United States government to change laws around chemicals in the beauty industry. They're simply trying to make the world (eh, the U.S.), a safer place for the next generation. Learn more about safer skin care for all of your adventures by visiting her page.


National Alliance on Mental Illness Minnesota: As someone who's spent the vast majority of her life battling mental illness, NAMI-MN has been a huge resource for Emily and her family over the years. There was a time when she spent hours each week volunteering with the organization to help improve the lives of people just like her. Now, with her time being used for other passions, she tries her hardest to speak out about her mental health journey through her blog here and her social media platforms. She has found so much healing for her health through writing and hiking. Emily would love it if you would donate to NAMI-MN to help support the lives of people living with mental illness and to help end the stigma around mental health issues.


If you would like to follow groups on social media to learn more, you can find them on Instagram with the handles below:

Twin Engine Coffee: @twinenginecoffee

LuVa Artisan Designs: @luvaartisan

National Alliance on Mental Illness Minnesota: @nami_minnesota_helps

*Although She is Love and Emily both have pages on Instagram and Facebook, the pages are not currently being maintained. For her own health and well-being, she will now be sharing her stories mostly through the blog here, so be sure to subscribe for updates.*

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