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About Us

The general idea for She is Love has been around since early 2017, but only started coming to life in March 2020. Initially it was just going to be a mental health blog, with the possibility of adding an online shop late in the year or 2021. Well, due to our existing relationship with Twin Engine Coffee, co-founder Andrea Woolverton, PhD, gave us the little nudge we needed to simply launch a shop right away. Little did we know in mid-March, that within days the state of Minnesota would be under a quarantine lockdown as a result of the COVID 19 global pandemic. Suddenly we had our business license and products but pretty much no market or customers due to the cancellation of all in-person events and pop-ups for the foreseeable future.

Luckily, we were ready to launch coffee in our farmers market space in the newly transformed online Linden Hills Farmers Market, in Minneapolis. This has really been our primary source of revenue in 2020, along with a small group of loving, loyal friends and family.

As the summer grew on, we added additional products as we developed our niche product collection focusing on self care with items sourced from within the Fair Trade community, and other local small and independent businesses. We hope to continue to expand our offerings as time goes on and based on our growth.

What's in a name?

What exactly does our name mean, you may be wondering. It means love yourself first. When you love yourself and give yourself all of the things you need to be your best self, then you are better positioned to share that with those around you. You can give to your family and community as a strong, confident individual.

Our founder, Emily

Hi! I am Emily, the founder of She is Love. I am highly active in the Fair Trade community here in Minnesota, as well as in the ethical fashion/ethical consumerism movement. I am a firm believer in kindness and compassion. Most of all, I do my best to practice non-judgement. I hold these values very dear to my heart due to my 20+ year battle with mental health issues. I am still finding my voice within these 3 communities as I continue to educate myself about socially-related issues that impact my peers. I hope through this space visitors will find an easy way to connect with my values of kindness, compassion, and non-judgement and how living these values will make us stronger individuals and help create a healthier global community for both the makers of our products and services, our planet, and ourselves.











Oh, and my other passions that you will find scattered through my spaces include: hiking, global travel, my cats, Timmy and Lucy, cooking (especially sweets), and my family. And of course my serious love affair with coffee!

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