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... after a very hard spring and summer of 2021, the She is Love shop closed its doors following the murders of Winston Smith and Deonna Taylor at the former space in Uptown, Minneapolis. After a few attempts to return in late 2021, owner Emily decided to simply step away from the business entirely and focus on healing herself for most of 2022. She found a new day job she is truly passionate about and is thriving. She is focused on rebuilding her life outside of work and throwing herself into her new passion for hiking, backpacking, and finding real healing in the nature around her. The dual crises in Uptown last year (the least of which are widely known by the public, the greater issue, lesser known due to extreme personal trauma) are still being sorted through so the shop may one day return.

For now, please join Emily on her healing journey through nature and her home state of Minnesota on her blog, here. Emily has been a passionate writer from a very young age, and used the written word to help her through one of the most trying times of her childhood. She will be posting all about her hiking and backpacking adventures and training, as well as her mental healing, on her blog throughout the summer. If you'd like to show Emily support during this time, you can find a link above with suggestions. Please be sure to subscribe to the blog for the most up-to-date information about the shop, as well.

Thank you for stopping by!

The former shop by She is Love remains on hiatus...
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