Following the emotional and catastrophic loss we suffered in Uptown, Minneapolis in June, we decided to take the remainder of the summer off to recover, rest, and regroup. Thankfully our friends and partners around the world were willing to give us this time, as well. We are finally ready to start preparing our return for fall 2021 with an updated product selection and a fresh batch of Twin Engine Coffee for you to enjoy during the cooler months ahead. Some things you will remember from before, and other things will be new. We want to return focused on our mission to support Twin Engine Coffee and other fair trade and sustainable brands around the world, but with a much slower, balanced approach. In the mean time, you can support us during this rebuilding by purchasing a gift card under the SHOP link above and reading the upcoming blog from our founder, Emily, about lessons learned from Uptown and the hiatus adventures! We look forward to interacting with all of you again soon!

Welcome to She is Love!

She is Love is on a mission to create a healthier global community by supporting local artisans and brands as well as Fair Trade businesses. We proudly feature Twin Engine Coffee, a Fair Trade specialty coffee grown and roasted in Nicaragua. Select an option below to explore all that we have to offer.

We're preparing to return from our Summer 2021 hiatus!